Aug 16, 2008

cnn and the church

saddleback church and cnn. who would have ever thought those two words would ever co-exist? i just finished watching pastor rick warren's interview with senator barrack obama and senator john mccain. it was an interview filled with questions concerning faith, religion, personal moral failures, what defines the rich, and a myriad of other incredible questions that consume the minds of the american people.

the presidential campaign this year is one where my vote is utterly torn. i greatly respect each candidate in ways that surface my support. it was this very interview that aided in the direction of my decision come november. the perhaps unfortunate facet of my personality is i tend to form opinions based upon my emotions - generally (not always may i emphasize) i am not one who digs deep into research, facts, and statistics; rather i await an emotional response and then a reaction follows.

what i did discover this evening that i have not fully caught sight of is confidence. there is something to be said for wisdom brought to existence through years of life. this is an advantage of senator john mccain. there was an overwhelming portrayal of soundness in the answers he exchanged with pastor rick warren and i believe in order to appropriately lead an entire country, one must have a firm foundation on which to stand. senator john mccain, though delivering more stories rather than cut and dry responses, exposed his position on issues that i too stand for.

we ought to have interviews such as this one that took place tonight for every presidential campaign. it was a 2 hour viewing of 2 men, sharing with america their honest and personal positions on the issues such as abortion, education, human trafficking (the question that resonated most to me) war and many others that matter most to our country, to the good of the world, and even to the heart of christ. 

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