Aug 23, 2008

the evening plans of an introverted people person

throughout my 26 years, i have lived as an independent; choosing to walk to the beat of a highly unrhythmic drum, and as a loner (that is largely due to the fact that i am created an introvert). simultaneously however, i have also lived as a sister to 5 siblings, a friend to many clusters of different people, and been the one to initiate conversation with whomever may cross my vagabond trekked path. i suppose my personality can be described as an introverted people person; and this is a combination of traits i am grateful god decided to grace me with.

tonight i play the independent. my roommate is out of town so i have the house all to myself.
remaining indoors sounds much more inviting than another night out. (last night i was out late with my friend courtney at one of the most fantastic concerts i had ever experienced. she surprised me with dave matthews band tickets that were insanely placed so close to the stage that i could drink the sweat of dave's shirttail if i desired). still drained from 3 hours of singing along to the tunes of dmb and endless clumsy attempts to dance in the similar fashion of those sexy hippy women you see at outdoor music concerts; the ones who seductively sway their hips ever so smoothly and twirling their arms in the air as if the sky is their canvas and they're painting a masterpiece with each groovy swing of their hands; i decided to coop up at home.

what is so spectacular about being an independent is this - the bar of society that is set at a level that requires one to go out to clubs filled with tons of loud sloppy drunks and music smothered with lyrics that vulgarly depict apart the female body, fails miserably to influence the decisions that i make when planning my evenings. it is quite liberating actually. or perhaps this content liberation is more appropriately accredited to the fact that i am nearing 27 years of age and filling my social calendar decreases in importance with each passing day. 

i am spending the few, fleeting, precious hours of this evening with the whimsical stories of lake wobigon as told by garrison keillor , a glass of red wine, creating a single person dinner that consists of fresh guacamole, carrots, and chicken, writing letters to the 10 gorgeous friends that i prayed for during this past lenten season, and feeding my appetite for literature with william p. young's book "the shack". these plans are simple, relaxed, and offer refreshing nourishment to the soul of an introverted people person.

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Jewels said...

As always love the post. So what do you think of the Shack? I just read it about two weeks ago. Also rock on that you went to see DM band! Wow!!!