Oct 1, 2008

wedneday's distraction

wednesdays are my long days at work. i usually roll in around 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning and linger around until 9:00 p.m strikes. in the midst of these long hours, there are many tempting opportunities to trap every potential of my day becoming a seamless 12 hour itinerary of straight work. 

so what was the intriguing opportunity for this wednesday? a stimulating navigation through the website of david gray. david gray is a singer/songwriter that i am particularly fond of. his poetic lyrics pierce the soul of a romantic while his melodies open the gates of soothing daydreams. as i read the poignant words of each carefully crafted song i was transported into the galaxy of my life's passions as a writer, a romantic, a dreamer, a mystic, and an artist.

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