Nov 22, 2008

sentiments from a soccer game

early this morning i was entertaining my heart of encouragement by kickin' back on the sidelines of a soccer game. 4 of my senior boys play futbol together and i decided to rise and greet the dawn with a comfy folding chair, a cup of joe, and some low-key shouts of cheer. for the next 90 minutes i engaged in comedic conversations with the parents of my boys-whom over the course of the past year and a half i have formed great relationships with. it was one of those moments where i was overwhelmed with sentiment. sitting there, watching these students i have ministered to for almost 2 years now i thought of the ways i have seen them enter into the maturity of men (and even still the ways i have seen them not enter into maturity!), and tears formed in the pockets of my eyes at the thought of leaving. 

this california adventure began with a call to obedience really. i heard god nudging me toward the west coast-essentially asking me to give up all the comforts and familiarity of home, and take the risk to enter into a brand new place, live with a community of strangers, teach his truth, and love his sons and daughters. there were many times when the fear of the unknown bound my ability to say yes to christ, but ultimately the desire to live a life of wild abandonment prevailed, and before i knew it my car was packed and i was heading west. never once have i thought it was a mistake.

now, a lousy 6 months away from the end of my internship i wonder "what is the next call to abandonment?" as i sit waiting for a response from bethel university in regards to my recently (or not so recent) submitted application a thought crosses my mind... if i do not get into bethel, i would love to stay here-beautifully placed along the pacific and loving the hearts of high school students.

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