Jul 29, 2009

my charlie brown tree

back in april stephanie (the lovely young woman that i mentored) and i went to dinner in pacific beach. over our meal we entered into conversation regarding what it means to be a woman of god, what it looks like to behold true femininity. i thought i held a somewhat confident grasp on the topic until stephanie asked me what true femininity actually means. as i began unfolding the my limited understanding i spiraled and tripped over my words only to come to the conclusion that i have no idea what so ever what it is to posses true femininity, nor do i comprehend what the image of a godly woman reflects.

since that day i've been impassioned to gain understanding to the mystery of godly womanhood. my inquisitive tendencies have been the driving force behind many hours of prayer and scriptural diggings, podcast listening's and intentional conversations. through each of these inspired steps of discovery god has slowly dropped nourishment into the cracked soil of my perplexities and in my quiet time this morning god spoke rather plainly, drawing my attention to the appropriate verses so that i may receive small doses of truth revealed.

over the next 2 hours a list of what it is to be a woman of god began creating itself. one by one the ornamental verses of proverbs, ruth, 1 peter, colossians, ephesians, and 1 timothy provided branches to shade the parched land of my initial inquisition. i guzzled my way through these books and began trimming the branches with decorative accessories and right before my eyes there stood a dazzling and humble charlie brown style tree. glamorous characteristics such as responsible, diligent, strong, giver of wise and loving counsel, gentle and quiet in spirit, pure and reverent, submissive, steady, dependable, noble, dignity, free of worry and anxiety, radiating joy, inner beauty, and kind-hearted illuminated this infant tree of mine.

how is it that god would address and honor my endlessly wandering mind? my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. but it is not i that initiated this search of what it is to be a true woman of god. for nothing is birthed, nothing is cared for, and nothing is done unless the lord enables it to be so.

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Kariana said...

free from worry and anxiety? that one's a little easier said than done for me ;) no but really, great post. I have been exploring and trying to understand femininity too. we must be growing up =) miss you tons