Dec 16, 2009

day #5 - soiled purity refreshed

on my drive to class this morning i couldn't help but notice how quickly the fresh covering of white powder had been soiled by man's tramplings. this observation was the catalyst to a well of deeper thoughts.

throughout the generations, the tarnished sin that entangles our lives often stains the purity of christ's intent. how often do we abuse, distort and glorify ourselves through the gifts god willed for his glory? we take redemption and prostitute it for cheap satisfaction. i offer these thoughts as a confession; for i am guilty of debauching the white robe of grace that has been wrapped around my perverted bones and i shred it in ways that expose the midriff of my fleshly longings.

when i am confronted with the reality of my brokenness my strength is sapped and my lips utter in frail whispers, "lord have mercy, lord have mercy, lord have mercy". in nouwen's thoughtful sketchings on the eucharistic life he writes this of our sin:

"yes, we are sinners, hopeless sinners' everything is lost and nothing is left of our hopes and dreams. still, there is a voice: 'my grace is enough for you!'  and we cry again for the healing of our cynical hearts and dare to believe that, indeed, in the midst of our mourning, we can find a gift to be grateful for."
~ with burning hearts

and it is then that the mess we've made of our white robes are wiped clean with a new snowfall. over and over again the lord's faithfulness reveals to our faithless hearts that his sanctification conquers our flesh that bend towards sin - and our hearts are turned towards the cross. 

"jesus doesn't hold back... he gives all there is to give."

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