Dec 9, 2009

day #2 - woven stories

minnesota has been overtaken by abominable beings donned 
in ridiculous fur covered wraps and masses of billowy down covered apparel. smart cars and mini's have transformed into monsters relentlessly spewing gritty grains of sand and clearing a path with their unforgiving jaws. in one night, life as we midwesterner's have known it stepped into the salon for a little makeover and came out a drag-queen diva. and whether we want to or not we are forced to stop our routines and yield to the
 metamorphisizing diva of nature.

the force behind mother nature is her ability to craft a well orchestrated rhythm of life. we adjust our clocks to the rising of the sun, to the onset of twilight. our wardrobe is directly linked to the masquered by which mother nature dances. even the state of our psychological make-up is contingent upon nature's force. she does not abide by our way of life, rather we transform in accordance to her command.

this got me thinking. everything in creation was and is fashioned together by the almighty. the stretching hands of trees reach to the heavens while the inumberable grains of sand on the shore are incomparable to the thoughts god hold for us. there is a very distinct pattern set within every fiber of nature in such a glorious 
way and since this is true (just open your eyes and watch the world take place around you), the ways in which we live according to nature is ultimately a refelction to the ways in which we live - whether consciously or unconsciously - in rhythm to the god of creation. 

i wonder how many bundled minnesotan's recognize this radical harmony we share between christ and mother nature. creation works together in harmony. the logos of god shakes the snow from my boots and i am left undone, dripping with humility and adoration. through the gracious providence of christ my story is woven together with those around me, communally we are intertwined with the story of creation and all together we are tied to the unbroken unity of the triune god.


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