Jan 8, 2010

Divine Providence

"Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; through war break out against me, even then will I be confident" ~Psalm 27:3

Throughout the psalms my mind is completely rocked by the ways in which unwavering confidence is proclaimed. As a girl who is clumsily learning to trust in Christ as my true and only provider, I am in awe of those who hold the gorgeous ability to stand firm in the faithfulness of God. At every corner there are flashy attractions deterring our minds from the one thing, namely God and his kingdom, that deserves our full attention. In a world where we put our hope in the things that moths and dust destroy, it is painfully easy to grow sick with worry. Often I am plagued with anxious ridden questions. "How will I pay off my ridiculous college debt? Will I have rent money this month? Am I hearing the Lord correctly? When will I get married?". Though I may trip over these earthly distractions I am encouraged to put my hope in the Lord, the one who orchestrates the melodies of creation by his divine Providence.

It is because of the leadership of the Lord that the psalmist can declare confidence even when war breaks out against him. John Calvin asks this of the psalmist:

"How is it that their confidence never fails? It can only be that while the world seems to go on its random way, they know that God is at work everywhere, and they can be secure in this." ~ The Institutes.

What have I to fear when the God of all creation is at work everywhere? Furthermore Calivn explains:

"When once the light of divine Providence has shone in the believer's heart, he is relieved and liberated, not only from the extreme fear and anxiety which had previously oppressed him, but from all worries. Because, as he rightly rejects the idea of chance, he can confidently put himself in God's hands." ~ The Institutes.

There will come a day when my knees will fail me and I can no longer go out for a run. But I will put my identity in the Lord. One day I will be 60 years old and reflecting over the years of serving Christ alongside my hubby and I will smile at the days in which I doubted the partnership of another. And when my bank account is as dry as Death Valley I can rest assure that God is a good and loving parent who will not let me live without. God is in control of everything. He knows when I rise and when I sit, though I may plan the course of my life the Lord determines my steps. The goodness and providence of God are beautifully linked, and so I say "Be strong and take heart!"

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