Aug 10, 2008

giving father

in the beginning

was the stillness of the word.

the word that rested

so quietly

within the heart

of the father almighty.


breaking the silence

of timeless stillness

the father did speak

words of delight

and words of desire;

breathing into existence

the glorious creation

of his one and only

beloved son.


longing to give

his son so dear

an inheritance so priceless.

living word of passion

spoke into being

a lovely bride and partner for life

to reign with the son

forever by his side.


"she is yours" my son dear son

"cherish her" this bride i give

who's value and worth is purely birthed

out of relationship

intimate, sacred, and true.


as i give so shall you.

speak into her

words of truth

love her as a jealous bridegroom

"fight for her" oh son of mine

for as she is yours

she also is mine.

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tom said...

yes! All my xanga favorites!
You are talented, Brianna.