Aug 10, 2008

psalm 130 - thoughts on community in my wilderness

the dark night of my soul

sets in

unbearable weight piles upon

the yoke of

fear i carry.


stifling layers of pain

crack and shatter

my spirit

so weary.


i wade through the blackness

in search of your morning.


crimson stains of sin

blindfold the light

of love's salvation.


sisters and brothers come quickly

peel open my eyes of green

to gaze into

mercy's liberation.


dear friends i plead

walk with me that i may taste.


darkness comes before dawn

let us wait like watchmen

and let us wait together.


from the depths hope flickers

crushing burden of shame

now weightless as feathers.


dancing in fields of joy

redemption beams.


of friends you stayed

upholding till i receive

guiding me to embrace.


lord you failed not

exchanging my night

for your radiance of grace.  

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