Sep 15, 2008

phantasmal bike ride

a few friends of mine have commented that my blog postings fail to express any sort of insight into the day to day life that i live. i initially began a blog to keep my friends and family back home updated on the activities, discoveries, and adventures i take part in during my internship in california. so, dear friends of mine, in effort to combine both the depth of my randomly pondering mind and the simple events that occur each day, i give to you this post.

friday morning i joined my roommate diana and her girlfriend suzanne for a morning bike ride in beautiful coronado. after loading up our bikes onto the back suzanne's car, we made our way across the elegant coronado bridge and geared up around 9:00. 

in regards to the uniquely crafted homes and tall, aged trees that hover over small neighborhood streets providing a tranquility that only a quaint small town can,coronado is much like minnesota. it is the only place in san diego i have found thus far that actually has houses of unparalleled simplicity and yards that stretch out more than a few cubic feet. immediately i was entrenched in my default frame of mind - romantic. the air was fresh and the filled with exotic aromas flowing from the bountiful blossoms of wildflowers. 

i was lost in daydreams for a short time and allowed myself to become engrossed with questions of my future. will i live in a neighborhood canopied by enormous and vibrantly colored maples? will my home be a safe haven for others, a place of hospitality and rest? will there be a tree in the backyard that is suitable for a fort...after-all, building a tree-fort with my hubby is on my list of things to do! will i have a large kitchen to cook family meals and hang out with my kiddos? will there be a front porch where my hubby and i will converse of grace, poetry, and baseball; where we will share a 6'er, a bottle of 2 buck chuck, or stogie, and rock-a-bye in tattered wooden chairs? 

the bike ride was a potpourri of phantasmal bliss. and with each question that surfaced while parading down undiscovered streets, i offered them to god as prayers of my heart. these are the little hopes of what could be, the "somedays" if you will, that waltz in and out of my rose tinted mind.

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