Nov 17, 2008

a poem for my brother

often times during prayer, while listening to the voice of truth, poetic words will begin to stir and take shape. one of the greatest examples, in my opinion, of a devout poet and intercessor is st. john of the cross. his meditative poems allure me into a deeper realm of hearing the whisper of love, grace, and mercy. this morning as i sat in silence, words for a brother of mine spilled onto the pages of my prayer journal. so, for you my brother and friend, a poem.

break down dear brother
those sturdy walls
of introspection.
pick up the sword
of the Spirit
and slice the darkness
that holds you captive.

turn your ear beloved son
from the voices
you ask to give you worth.
search, keep searching
for the sound of silence.
there you will find
the still, small whisper
of the One who gives you name.

rise up mighty friend
keep your lamp burning
with the fragranted oil
of worship
be ready for the presence
of your Creator, the One
who fashioned you with 
strength and honor.

rend your heart o brother
and bend your knee
to your Holy Father.
focus your gaze
and take your seat
at the right hand
of the King
in the throne-room of Grace.

listen! can you hear
the silence...
"beloved son"
echoes from the walls of 
the dwelling place you seek
shouts of proclamation welcome
you in...
"with whom i love".