Jan 2, 2009

fancy, sexy brianna

there is a line in donald miller's book, blue like jazz, that exposes the quietly tucked away desire of every human heart. so simply miller writes, "everyone wants to be somebody fancy". just yesterday i was expressing how the truest yearning of my own heart is to give myself away in love to others - and this is true. but i believe there will always be a part of my being that aspires to be fancy. i might as well confess that i also want to be sexy. my dear friend becka can account for this not-s0-secret craving of mine as i used to parade around her house in her sassy and boldly scandalous red high heels, something that would make your mother blush, while in typical awkward brianna fashion, partner together with a pair of boy gym shorts. yeah, i want to be fancy and sexy. fancy, sexy brianna.

this morning i started a new book that i have been wanting to read for months. eat, pray, love. it is a story of one woman's journey to self-healing and balance. with each vibrantly painted sentence the simmering ambition i hold to be a writer myself breaks free from it's tranquility into an uncontrollable boiling pot of fanciful sexiness. just as the author of eat, pray, love hungered to share her life story with the world, so too i crave to expose the wild (wild to me at least) travels of my life.

if i were to write a book on my life, it would have a similar raw transparency to that of jack kerouac in his book on the road - a novel that inspired millions to hop in their rusty 4-wheeled piece of jalopy and drive across the u.s. i would write of my own solo road-trips and the colorful thoughts that decorated the winding narrow lanes i drove along. 

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