Jan 7, 2009

forgetful intercessor

sometimes i fail to take care of my own heart. quite frequently i will seek quiet time, and silence myself in prayer; listening for ways in which i can intercede. often times i am lead to pray for mercy for our impoverished world, or i am lead to pray a blessing of encouragement and strength for my brothers and sisters. other times god will lay one specific individual so heavily upon my heart that all i can do is repeat scripture over them. these moments with christ are some of the most precious experiences in life. 

however, rarely do i seek nourishment for my own soul. i forget that i too need others interceding on my behalf. it isn't until i am deep in anguish or tattered and torn by warfare, will i then remember to ask for prayer and support. for the preservation of my soul, this is an area i desperately need to grow in.

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