Jan 9, 2009

past the super bowl and straight on to baseball!

the 2009 super bowl has not even happened yet and i am already breezing into the baseball buzz. ridiculous i am sure, but the season opener is just around the corner... sort of.

i began my search with the tentative schedule for 2009. at the bittersweet end of my internship in california, my dad will be flying out to help me move back. we're road-tripping it back to minnesota, taking a week long trek from the west coast, through colorado, to our final destination of farm country. my dad grew up in colorado and there he was a pitcher (lefty!!) and catcher in the minors. it is because of him that i am such a fan of this great american sport. the largest portion of our trip will be spent in colorado and since coors field is on my list of ball parks to see, i thought i would just check the rockies schedule... nothing like planning ahead right? to my complete excitement, the rockies are playin' at home while we are going to be there!

then my attention stretched into the buzz surrounding my hometown team, the minnesota twins. this is the twins' last year playing in the totally 80's metrodome. the dome is, to be honest, an anti-climatic way to catch a baseball game. to me, one ought to be canopied by the fresh summer sky rather than umbrellaed by a depressing great white dome. i will say however, with the total enclosure of offered by the hubert h. humphrey metrodome, fans receive an experience no other ball park can duplicate. the sounds from the crack of the bat, the catcher's mitt swallowing a screaming fast ball, and thousands of fans singing in prideful unison "take me out to the ball game" radiate right down to your bones and remind you why you love this sport. to commemorate the last season in the dome, the twins will be donning their throwback style jerseys - bringing fans back to the good old days.

and in other highly anticipated news, i gazed into the progress of the teams brand new ball park set to open in 2010, i was completely jazzed to see the updated photos of target field. minnesota fans will need to fierce devotion that can only be found by die-hard cubbies fans, as target field will be without a retractable dome. (maybe not such a brilliant idea considering minnesota weather is as wavering as 2004 presidental candidate john kerry). but i have faith in the band-wagon fan followers to persevere through the brutal uncertainty of early spring and the suffocatingly thick air of august's hot humid nights. with all this to take into consideration, it is to no wonder minnesota fans collectively proclaim "this is our state, this is our team, and this is twins territory"!

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