Jan 9, 2009

a few of my favorite things...

in the midst of an emotionally/spiritually draining and painfully arduous week, i have been pathetically attempting to focus my thoughts on simple joys that make me happy. it actually does help to see the hope, beauty, and promises in everyday!

so, these are a few of life's pleasures that will never fail to put a smile on my face - a brianna'esque version of "favorite things", but without the biting dogs and stinging bees.

~ jack johnson
~ driving on a sunny day
~ the smell of lilacs
~ the seventh inning stretch
~ "girl i wanna lay you down" by alo/jack johnson
~ my nieces and nephews
~ golden retrievers

~ playing pictionary with my sisters
~ the sun on my face
~ being read to
~ lolly-gagging
~ christmas lights
~ my friend maria at el refugio
~ romance, love, love & romance
~ my sister sarah quoting mr. mackey
~ will ferrell's SNL harry caray impersonation
~ thunderstorms

~ corky sinclair's "bastard people" monologue
~ my friend nathan lyke singing karaoke
~ live theatre
~ david gray
~ people watching at airports
~ taking a look around and realizing that all is well...

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