Feb 28, 2009

unifying events

there are things in this life that unite people - strangers even; together. in the world of sports for example,e we have the super bowl, world series, and stanely cup (a biased list i must confess). these major events allure millions to turn on their televisions and numb their minds for a few hours, or worse yet, spend hundreds of dollars for bragging rights that come in the form of green plastic fold out chairs. or in the hollywood realm, we have the ocsars, emmys (are those two the same?) and whatever proclamation of "my shit doesn't stink" award there is. then we have music. what awards come with music? i don't even know. the grammy's maybe? cma's? dove awards? did i seriously just put in dove awards???? who even watches that? all of this to say, for whatever reason, epic moments that take place in this outrageously fast paced world that we live, somehow manages to slow us down and bring us under one common umbrella; even if it is entertainment based.

there is one even that i am particularly fond of. it is not one that can be found in a 32 inch black box or on the infamous red carpet. this uniting display of beauty cannot be purchased, nor sold. it is a production of paramount popularity. what i speak of is the extraordinary event of evening's sunset. here on the west coast, you will always find a crowd of people lining the cliffs and beaches below to catch sight of the cascading pastels that simultaneously soften and liven the endless sky. i too am one of the many spectators who come out to catch sight of this awesome display of beauty. 

as i sit out there, gazing at the faithfulness of creation, i often wonder, "what is it that brings all these strangers together?" the majority of the surfers you find dotting the pacific aren't out there for the waves when the hour of sunset comes. they are there for community and to admire the fading blaze. all the people decorating the cliffs, they are products of the west coast. these are not tourists that have never before seen a sunset over the ocean; no, these are people who have grown up with the beach as their back yard. i love to see the people stroll in when the time of the much anticipated green flash rolls in.

another thought about these people crosses my mind. "what are they thinking?" i wonder if these people, my fellow admirer's, question creation at all as they stare out into the boundless world. do they question who made the sky to explode with the most glorious colors in the evenings and mornings? do they ever think, "?". is their existence, or god's, ever challenged with the blending of pinks, purples, and oranges? i mean, how could these weighty and stunning musings not cross their minds? 

regardless of the answers, there is a response that i make up that brings a smile to my face. i imagine that this was all a part of god's intention. this whole bizarre movement of strangers uniting to catch glimpse of an everyday occurrence is the extension of our creator's handiwork. what makes me think this? well, as the sun finally says goodnight to it's adoring audience, it isn't uncommon for the spectators to break out in applause. i love this part. whether they know it or not, what we are doing - together - is praising the creator of this spectacular jewel.

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