Sep 20, 2009

a distraction from homework...

a handful of potpourri whatever's...

1.) i have a legitimate addiction to peanut butter. no joke. in 6 short days i polished off two jars of smuckers. friends, that is 5,880 calories of oily peanut creaminess swirling in my tummy. is there such a thing as peanut butters anonymous? if not, perhaps i should organize one.

2.) waiting to attend college until my later 20's is the greatest order christ has ordained in my life. i'm undeniably the grandmother on campus, but i'm also one of the few who has chosen my classes based on desire rather than force.

3.) as the leaves in minnesota begin to change their wardrobe my heart grows painfully sad at the bitter ugliness that follows close behind. it's only september and i've already accumulated a serious cabin fever that only the month of february can provide. i really do hate winter (except for december... but i'm a flaming lover of christmas).

4.) speaking boldly doesn't seem nearly as fearful as it once did. why? because i now know the beauty that is the driving force of it's language, and that is grace. look out world, the breastplate of self-confidence has a shiny new coat of twinkly courage.

5.) the pursuit of spiritual formation is the path that i'm walking and with each passing day this journey developes into a colorful bouquet of anticipation. and this is why i articulate my joy and gratitude in being an elder within the university.

7.) my "landlord, landlady, and land-little-lucy" are postively amazing. 

8.) i love not owning a television.

9.) god is my provider. i am not... if you know me at all, this is the greatest revelation i could possibly embrace. i'm humbled beyond measure.

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